Around the Temple Street Market

So many interesting things going on in these set of photographs. They look like just normal, boring things but once you start to look theres so much to look at.

Canderson Click

One of the things that drew us back to Hong Kong was the sights and the seafood at the Temple Street Night Market.  Last time we’d eaten at the Tong Tai Seafood restaurant and were blown away by the huge tasty scallops and sensational Singapore noodles for dirt cheap. This time around we just had to go back. We were there sorta early this time around. Right when stuff was really starting to come to life. It wasn’t quite as crazy as last time but still a bit hectic. We got the scallops again and a whole cooked fish. I don’t know if it was just nostalgia or what but they didn’t seem quite as good as last time. By no means were they bad just not quite as good as last time. Still enjoyable and afterwards we wandered around for some time just shooting whatever and taking in…

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Love the style and the feel of this video. Everything is so relaxed and there’s not much to it but there’s so much to see and so many ways to read it. It makes your mind wander.

The wandering Opening Credits

Me and my partner Kylie, for our Multimedia class have to make a short film for our final project. Just to get a little feel for it, here are the Opening credits. I’m so in love with it, and can’t wait to see the final edit. So without further a due our short film, The Wandering.

Candlight Films- Heather + Andrew

I literally could watch this video over and over again. It is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. I would love to meet this person and compliment them on their amazing videography and produce such videos as this. One word, Amazing.

Nigel Barker

There are so many amazing photographers in this world, and I absolutely love just flipping through hundreds of portfolios by multiple different photographers. Growing up as a kid and teenager I loved watching Americas Next Top Model, not because of the modeling aspect but to see what interesting and fun looking shoots they were doing, and the final outlook of everything was just fascinating to me. I’ve always loved Nigel Barker, he seems like such a good man and he really knows what he is talking about. I’m really leaning towards the fashion end of photography because all of the creativity you get to put into it. Besides being hired to shoot certain things, it’s all about what you view the shoot as and you kind of have your own playing grounds on how you want things to turn out in the shoots. Anyways, I have always loved Nigel’s work, just from seeing it through Americas Next Top Model. I only dreams of traveling the world and be such a successful photographer one day. Dreams could come true.Image


I got a new toy yesterday! I am a HUGE Goodwill fanatic and love bargain shopping. There’s a Goodwill near my school in Lawrenceville and one in the same shopping center of my job in Covington and I typically just stop by if I have a spare moment or in between classes. I am a very creative person and always look for things to make or so called “Do It Yourself”. But yesterday I went to Goodwill right after my class and found a Polaroid camera!!! I was so excited and it was literally only $2.92! I LOVE vintage camera, I think I have a total of 9 right now and now 10! I really want to get it to work, but I’m pretty sure they have stopped selling polaroid film so it will be really hard to find film for it unfortunately. Anyways, I started doing some research on my cameras and have found a lot about them and what they are used for and it’s so interesting! Hopefully one day, my collect will build up to be hundreds! I’ll keep looking at antique shops and keep building it up. Can’t wait to see my future finds! Image

This is my new carmera!